Wizard Academy

Realms School of Magic

Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to join our School of Magic, a Wizards Academy where the greatest magic masters of the Realms come to practice.

Each camp has its own quest or study that connects into the ongoing saga of our magical school. Choose your subject, solve ancient runic riddles, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

How it Works

All programs are Pacific Time (PT). They can be a single day or weekly series. Since our Trackers Teachers and Guides are online and your kids are at home, different programs ask different levels of guardian supervision.

Register for multiple camps and classes to receive a discount. 

5-9 Classes – 10% off
10-19 Classes – 15% off
20+ Classes – 25% off
(To receive the discount all classes must be purchased at the same time. No exceptions or cancellations applied with discounts.)

When registering, be ready to commit to one of the following levels of supervision:

Phone On – Guardians must be in the same house with phone on for notifications. Example  – Martial Arts

Eyes On – Guardians must be close enough to observe. Ready to help. Example – Cooking

Hands On – Guardians with the camper to offer immediate help and co-guidance. Example – Woodcarving

Register for Wizard Academy

Student GradeClassDate & TimePrice
1, 2, 3, 4, 5School of Magic: Realm of the Dark Arts & The Forbidden Forest RPG  
Students who learn to defend against the darker magicks may find themselves in unexpected places. Never forget, all magic has a price. Warning: This course may "spook" younger kids. Materials: A coin or dice to flip, pencil(s), paper

Supervision: Phone on

Term: Single day

Jun/11/20202020-06-11 13:30:0014Add to cart1:30 pm2:30 pm
1, 2, 3, 4, 5School of Magic: Cauldrons & Potions  
Learn how to turn everyday items from your kitchen cupboard into powerful potions and witches brew. Recite ancient spells from a magic tome to uncover age old secrets tried and true.

Supervision: Phone on

Term: Single day

Jun/09/20202020-06-09 15:00:0014Add to cart3:00 pm4:00 pm

Awesome Skills
Fun Adventures From
Expert Guides

Trackers Guides are experts in their field.

Our instructors create learning connections by inspiring fascination with the natural world.

In addition to background checks, they have multiple certifications and are constantly seeking new opportunities to expand their knowledge base. 

Our expertise comes not only from certified courses, but from a real passion for education and learning, which we’ve built by leading outdoor camps and classes over the past 15 years. 

We’re still dedicated to creating that Trackers Village, where instructors can celebrate their passion for outdoor education and make a living and receive a reliable wage and healthcare.


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