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Grade 1-7

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04:30 PM - 05:45 PM
April 19 - May 24, 2021

Continue the ongoing adventures of Nage the Mage, Poison, Sunreach, Orthen Nightgale, Tie-Dye Cookie, and The Big Guy as they search for the missing Rockseeker brothers and the long lost Wave Echo Cave.

This is a six week series on 4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17 and 5/24. The classes run from 4:30pm-5:45pm PST.

Class Term:
Series (1 Month)
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Gregory Barrett

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Gregory Barrett

He/Him Greg originates from the heart of Cascadia, Seattle, WA. He enjoys Playing RPGs, and reading. As well as passing on his knowledge of critical thinking, team building, campfire construction and maintenance. His goal is to rekindle a love of wild places and foster self-sufficiency in today’s youth. If Greg were an animal, he would...

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Single sessions add variety to the day; series and week-long classes
provide consistency.

Single Sessions
Connect your Tracker (or yourself) to a new project, story or skill. Multiple classes are offered throughout the day and week.

Deepen a skill, or launch an adventure, over a series of sessions.

Week-long sessions offer a variety of activities, paired with a consistent schedule. Your Tracker will have a deeper chance to connect with peers and Guides, along with the session’s theme.