Realms Elite Guard - The Howling Hearthfire

Grade 6-12

$ 95

03:00 PM - 04:30 PM
December 21 - December 24, 2020

People’s homes are being destroyed as a magical creature made of fire appears inside their fireplaces. Can the Torchlighters stop this malevolent elemental before it’s too late?

Quest through the mystical world of the Realms, solving mysteries and battling monsters using your wits, dice, and some help from your friends. This imaginative experience includes creating a unique hero as you go on quests, rolling dice and collaborating with your fellow adventurers to save the Realms from the many threats that lurk in the shadows.

This four day class runs 12/21, 12/22, 12/23, and 12/24. Each class is 90 minutes long, from 3:00pm PST to 4:30pm PST.

Class Term:
Phone on

Space Needed:
Gregory Barrett

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Meet Your Guides

Gregory Barrett

He/Him Greg originates from the heart of Cascadia, Seattle, WA. He enjoys Playing RPGs, and reading. As well as passing on his knowledge of critical thinking, team building, campfire construction and maintenance. His goal is to rekindle a love of wild places and foster self-sufficiency in today’s youth. If Greg were an animal, he would...

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Supervision Level

Efforts are made to teach without need for Guardian suppport, but note the following guidelines for guardian support.

Phone On
Guardian must be in the same home with phone on for notifications. Example: Martial Arts class.

Eyes On
Guardian must be close enough to observe, and remain ready to help. Example: Cooking class.

Week-long sessions offer a variety of activities, paired with a consistent schedule. Your Tracker will have a deeper chance to connect with peers and Guides, along with the session\'s theme.