Move Like a Fox! The Art of Stealth and Sneaking

Grade PK, K, 1

$ 18

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
June 22, 2021

Train to move silently and invisibly in the forest and at home! Stealth and camouflage is an art that allows you to see more animals and connect to nature. Learn from different animal adaptations and how, as humans, we can apply those to our own movement.

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Roman Shapla
Rovers Young Kids, Summer

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Roman Shapla

He/Him Roman is from Kentucky, where the grass is blue. He speaks Slovenian, and enjoys Wildcrafting, Foraging, and practicing Archery. Roman is gifted at teaching Stealth, Movement, Balance, Patience to all kids. However, his special power is getting any human passionate about the Nature in under ten seconds. If he were an animal he’d be...

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