"Asking a question is not the same as seeking an answer"

Tom Brown III

Expert in: Outdoor skills, Storytelling
Guild membership: He Who Walks Between Guilds
With Trackers: 3.5 Years
Teaches: Grades ,

Tom is from New Jersey. Tom likes to practice Photography, Fly-fishing, and Writing when he gets the chance. His favorite skills to teach are Awareness, Stalking and Movement.

Experience: Tom has been teaching primitive living skills and wilderness survival for 20 years, and practicing them for 40. He has extensive training in Emergency Wilderness Medicine, and spent many years volunteering as an EMT in underserved communities.

When not working with Trackers, Tom is the Foraging/Homesteading coordinator and featured contributor for Anchored Outdoors, which is a website dedicated to teaching people about hunting, fishing, foraging, and homesteading in a conscious and ethical manner.